For now, this will just be very simple.  If it catches on at all, I will try to make more detailed instructions about how you can play CFC (maybe CFC2) online against other people.


  1. Download (This is the Win98 version.  If you need another version, go here.  Then you will need to get the Sets directory from my
  2. Unpack to a folder on your HD
  3. Edit the cardinfo.dat using the MakeAppr.exe program that's in the Sets directory.  You will need to add all the cards for CFC.  I have added one example card (Terry).  If someone adds all the CFC cards, please tell me and I will update to include all the files.  Read the note below about card colors.  You can find my latest cardinfo.dat in
  4. Grab the CFC theme (updated 11-12-02) and load it up.
  5. Make a deck.
  6. Start the game (you can try a solitaire game at first).
  7. I would suggest using counters on the character cards to show how much BP they have left.
  8. I would suggest using the "Create Card" feature to make a SP card and put a counter on it to show how much SP you have.
  9. I would suggest using the built-in life counter for your personal HP, but since it only goes up to 999, I think that you should just show your HP divided by 100.  So, 20 would represent 2000 HP.
  10. Attacks can work similar to Magic.  Just use the "tap" mechanic to mean "freeze".

If you want to change your background, I took a screenshot of CFC2 that you can use.  Grab this GIF and in Apprentice, go to Options/Preferences/Background to load it.  There is some way to create an entire theme.  That would be ideal for CFC, because it would change the look of the whole application.  If you can figure out how to make a cool theme, tell me.  Oh, I just downloaded the Theme Maker, but I haven't tried to use it yet.  If you want to try it, grab from me.

Here are some notes on how the cards are set up.  If you create cards with the MakeAppr.exe application, be sure to follow this guide.


I was playing with the theme maker.  Check out the following screenshot.  If you want the theme, here it is (updated 11-12-02).  I'm going to stop working on it for now.  I'll see if anyone is interested in making it look/work better.


Here are some links that might be helpful.


That's about all I can think of right now.  Have fun!

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