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Date Added

PocketSend v2.5

Here's the latest version of PocketSend which is a Windows 9X/NT/2000 application that lets you to play multiple ROMs with your "Pocket Linker."  In the past, you were limited to one single ROM per cart.  Now, you can have many ROMs on a single "32M Pocket Flash Card."  Here is a screenshot of PocketSend v2.5.

Some of the new features for version 2.5

  • Faster writing to Pocket Flash carts (especially under WinNT/2000)
  • NGPCpack.ngp is no longer a separate file.  It's built into PocketSend.exe.
  • Some minor changes to the Multi-ROM Menu.  Some ROMs that did not work properly before may work better, now.  Please contact me if you think that a certain ROM does not work properly.

Make sure you install DLPortIO before running PocketSend v2.5 or greater.


PocketSend v2.0 Beta

PocketSend is a Windows 9X/NT/2000 application that will compile multiple ROMs and send them to your "Pocket Linker."  This version is a beta version.  Please contact me if you have any feedback on it.

Some of the new features for version 2.0

  • Now supports ROMs of any size up to 8Mbit
  • Support for a single 16Mbit ROM
  • ROM stripping (Empty space at the end of ROMs gets removed)
  • Progress Bar while loading ROMs (on the NGPC)
  • Cart Interrogation (Insert a cart, turn on Linker, hit About, and it will produce a "Cartinfo.txt" file.  After you get a bunch of info on different carts, send me your file.)


PD Multipac 12-12-01

This is a 32Mbit ROM that is full of 29 PD (Public Domain) ROMs.  If you know of any ROMs that should be added or removed, please contact me so I can fix it and release a new version in the future.

Update:  It now includes a previously unreleased ROM called ShufflePuck.

Update:  If you want a 16Mb version, try this one.  Please tell me if it doesn't work!!!


NGPC Multi-ROM Menu v1.0 and
PocketSend v1.0

The Multi-ROM Menu is a menu ROM for your NGPC that will allow you to load and run multiple ROMs on your "32M Pocket Flash Card."

PocketSend is a Windows 9X/NT/2000 application that will compile multiple ROMs and send them to your "Pocket Linker."  Here is a screenshot of PocketSend v1.0.


NGP TLCS-900h Instruction Set

This is the entire instruction set for the Neo Geo Pocket Color's CPU (TLCS-900/h).


URL Description


Lik-Sang.com is the place to go for all of your gaming needs.
http://www.devrs.com/ngp/ Jeff's great page for info about NeoGeo Pocket Color development.


Ivan's Neo Geo Pocket Color development site.


Steve Robb's page of NGPC development.

ICQ:  17868116

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