Wolfenstein3D (and Spear Of Destiny) for the GP32

Ported by Flavor


First of all, you will need the GP32 Shareware Wolfenstein3D and Demo SOD datafiles.
Make sure that you keep the directory structure set up like it is in the above .ZIP file, and add your FXE_Launcher to your SMC card.
Then, download the latest .FXE files and put them in the GP:\GPMM\ directory of your SMC card.

I have added digitized sounds and PC speaker sounds. Here is the latest beta test FXE files dated April 11th, 2002. Make sure you have the the GP32 Shareware Wolfenstein3D and Demo SOD datafiles installed before trying to use these .FXE files. This ZIP is ONLY the .FXE files.

My port is based on Wolfenstein 3D Linux.


Of course, you will want to play Wolfenstein on a real GP32.  I highly recommend purchasing one from Play-Asia.  They sell the GamePark GP32 Game System and games at very reasonable prices.  You can find the GP32 in the "Handheld" section.



Here's some videos I made on April 2nd, 2002.

Here are some screenshots that I took with FireFly's GP32 emulator called GeePee32.


If you have tried Wolfenstein 3D on your GP32 and it looked like this, then you need to replace some of your datafiles with the files in the vgafiles.zip archive.
A guy called Pegasus sent me a message.  He said, "I bought (Wolfenstein 3D) version 1.4 yesterday and it didn't work, so after searching, I discovered that the Linux version needs the vgafiles.zip.  I downloaded them and, voila!  Wolf3d finally works on my GP32."


Cartoon From www.gpzigi.comTranslated version of the www.gpzigi.com cartoon
This is a cartoon that ragnarox informed me about.  I think that it was originally posted at www.gpzigi.com.  The translation was done by rino.

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