DynaMate is a puzzle game that I ported to the GP32.  Please visit the original author's DynaMate page to learn more about DynaMate on other platforms and its history.

DynaMate v1.0 (for the GP32) was created for the GP32/GBA coding competition.  Amazingly, I tied for third place in the competition.  I was the highest ranked GP32 program in the competition.  Check out the results page for more information and to download the other entries.

Since submitting v1.0 to the competition, I have updated DynaMate to include a level editor.  DynaMate v2.0 is the first version that includes the built-in level editor.  There is a Windows-based level editor that in the works, too.  Hopefully that will allow you to edit your levels on the go with the GP32 and put the finishing touches on them in Windows.


Screenshots of DynaMate v1.0 that was submitted to competition.


Screenshots of DynaMate v2.0 with the new Level Editor



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