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GBA Card Games v0.02
I'm using this as a learning tool for myself. Right now, it's just BlackJack, but I plan to extend this to other card games like video-poker. For now, after the opening screen, you go straight to BlackJack. Later, there will be a menu to choose other games.

Note: There is no source code included in this release. It's not ready for public scrutiny, yet. :) Though, since I haven't updated it for quite a while, I could probablly be persuaded to release the code if there was enough interest.
RAWRGB2GBA_01.zip This is a simple little program to convert 24BPP .RAW pictures to 15BPP .h files for use with GBA programming. Don't expect much, but if you use it, write to me or post on the message board. If people really use it much, I might update it.
Right now, it is a Win32 Console app. It's fairly stupid, so watch out. I wrote it for my own use, but I thought that some others might want to do the same thing, so here it is.

This is my first GBA creation. The main.c file walks you through all the steps I took to get from having no GBA development files on my drive to getting this splash screen to appear. Most of my information was taken from http://www.devrs.com/gba/.

If you're trying to get started in GBA development, this may be an good way for you to get set up and build something simple.

NOTE: This has now been updated to version 0.2. Please tell me if you find any errors in it.

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http://www.devrs.com/gba/ GameBoy Advance Dev'rs
http://www.gbadev.org/ GameBoy Advance Development page

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